Red Creek is a village in the state of New York that has inspired many. You will find history about a Red Creek Inn that was a popular restaurant and nightclub started in the seventies in the nearby Rochester County. The Red Creek village probably was an inspiration for this lively eatery that was known not only for the menu it had but also for the live music and performances people witnessed here.

This blog talks about Red Creek, a quaint village whose history and name are both influenced by the creek that runs through it. The waters of this creek gave the village its unique name that some attribute to the iron ore deposits to be found in the water bed or the dyes that were disposed of from nearby tanneries which also turned the waters red. If such stories interest you and you wish to learn more about Red Creek and similar novel locations, this is a blog to turn to. There are other places in the world where the same name belongs to different regions or communities or has been adopted by eateries or accommodation places. This blog is dedicated to such unique places and talk about them, all of which are connected with this name.

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