Red Creek

Red Creek And The Inn It Inspired

For those who are looking to visit the Red Creek area, it is a village located in Wayne County of the NY state. It has a mere population of five hundred or more and the village of Red Creek is often an off the way travel destination for many. It is located on the eastern side of Wolcott town with common boundaries shared with the adjacent towns like the Town of Victory or Town of Sterling.

The village saw early settlers here from 1811; its name changes to Red Creek later on, due to the creek that passed by the village; many believe that the creek got its name from the color of the water; it has a tainted red color due to the iron ore deposits that lie in the water bed. Local lore also says that, due to a tannery located at the falls at the northern side of the creek, the dye was disposed into a nearby pond that colored the falls and in turn, the creek’s water also acquired the red tint.

Red Creek

The village saw considerable growth in the 1850s, but a widespread fire destroyed much of the business around 1874. The area remains a rural settlement that many love to visit, as it is situated on New York State route 104A and close to Cayuga County.

Another interesting aspect is the Red Creek Inn that was formed in Henrietta, located in Rochester County nearby. This place grew to be much more than a passersby inn and gained the reputation of a popular restaurant and nightclub in the area. Known for the eclectic food and music that the restaurant had, it gained popularity due to the famous personalities who set foot in this place. Many bands played here such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Crosby, Muddy Waters, Roomful of Blues and others like Bob Dylan. Most performed here at a time when they had not become so popular or legends in their own right.

The owners introduced Mexican food here in the eighties and the Cajun cuisine they served along with exotic Caribbean dishes got the attention of many publishers who wrote reviews of the food served at this restaurant. The Red Creek opened in the early seventies by Jeff Springut who grew up in parts of Rochester. Today one might not find this eatery anymore on the busy Jefferson road which has modern entertainment and eatery venues to offer.